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When Sprinting, the idea is to go as fast as you can from the green light in the shortest possible time.

Under NSA rules we have six official runs on each day of a meeting to achieve this. A standard VFR 750, at 244kg, has a quarter mile performance of approximately 11-11.5 seconds at 115-120 mph (although this information can cary depending on your source of information). We raced a 1989 VFR750 and achieved 11.94s@116mph. The target was to get the weight down at least 10kg and break the lights at sub 11 seconds at over 120mph.

Since we began racing and development, we have managed to reduce the weigh of the machine by 60kg - and then we added most of it back on when we fitted the Rotrex supercharger! Despite this, we have exceeded our expectations by achieving a 10.5 second run. This is just the beginning. With further development, and probably the refitting of nitrous oxide, we are now aiming to make it to the mid 9 second bracket.