About TFDT

Team Flying Duck Theory is a small concern (Husband and Wife team, Andrew and Lucinda Langdon) racing a VFR750 on a quarter mile strip. The idea is to go as fast as possible from the green light in as short a time as possible.

A standard VFR 750 (at 244kg) has a quarter mile performance of approximately 11-11.5 seconds @115-120 mph (depending on information source) We raced a 1989 VFR750 and achieved 11.94s@116mph. The target was to get the weight down hopefully 10kg (at least) and break the lights at sub 11s @ over 120mph. We actually got the weight down 60kg originally but since fitting a supercharger and nitrous oxide, the weight has increased to around 215-220kg. Since its original outings, the bike has improved significantly, achieving a personal best time of 10.003seconds at 135mph and in 2019, taking the title of 750 Racing class Champion in the Southern section NSA. The next target is to be the first (and probably only) VFR750 to break into the 9 second bracket. 

Photo Credit Ian Wilson