Westonzoyland May 21

Friday 30th April

We made it to Westonzoyland this afternoon. Set up camp, got most of the new track set up done and then this …👇

The rain has passed leaving a dramatic sky in its wake.

Saturday 1st May

So here we are at WZ, signing on and tech inspection completed with the sun shining and just waiting for the riders meeting to happen so we can start racing and it’s raining…with the sun shining… so now we are going to have to wait an hour for the track to dry out.

And so the sun shone and they did battle. Five runs in which were good. Not a lot of grip to start with but it improved. The data logger decided to spit the dummy on the first two runs so no info from them but the next three seemed to record ok. I will find out later. The bike went well and felt strong which is good considering I increased fuel supply to counteract the lean spikes we were having last Saturday. All being well, nitrous will be added tomorrow.

Sunday 2nd May

Lull before the storm. The sun is shining, we have about half an hour before fire up and I only need to connect the nitrous up. #letsgetthispartystarted

Here are todays results. On top of yesterdays results, the best ofs for the weekend were, reaction: 0.125s. 60ft: 1.571s. Mph: 110.08. Et:6.567s. It is possible we may have taken fastest reaction time of the weekend but will know when the results are published. What I do know is that we won our class for the second time which is incredible. We also are very happy with the consistency of our runs over the weekend (except for the 20s run which you may have noticed… all the electrics died on the launch and I had to switch it off and back on again to make it work) and I am hoping one of the 60ft times is a new personal best in that part. I will need to check our records to confirm that. It is really close regardless. So, reset and six weeks until the next one. Can’t wait!

Ps, on the last run, I didn’t get my foot off the ground cleanly on the launch and hurt my big toe. I thought I might have broken it but luckily only bruised it. Tis brutal, this sprinting.

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