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    Smeatharpe April 21

    Friday 23rd April We are at Smeatharpe (Dakota Raceway) as the sun sets on a beautiful day. Tomorrow will see us finally testing all the engine work done over the last few weeks. Weather forecast is good and hopefully there will be good times and good times. Saturday 24th April The expression on my face today when I did the first, full throttle timed run. And that’s WITHOUT the nitrous… Today was a good day! It started last night (Friday) when I arrived at Dakota Raceway (Smeatharpe) and set up camp. I was invited to eat with some of the other riders who were indulging in a BBQ and after…

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    Cap head bolts

    I fixed the oil leak today. While I was at it, I swapped out the pathetic little cap head bolts from the oil line brackets for M5 items. At least now I can A, see the damn things, B, find a tool to fit them. This is invaluable when accessing the depths of the bikes underside to put the brackets back on. #onlytaken3yearstosortitout

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    Are you sitting comfortably?

    …This could take a while. The last couple of days have been something of a nightmare. We finally have a rebuilt motor and Saturday saw me putting it back in the frame for final fitting. Except that when I tried to fit the radiator bracket which is mounted on an engine mounting bolt, I hadn’t realised that the bolt was too short (it had torqued up ok on the previous motor) and stripped the threads in the cylinder head. Having been at it all day, I decided to leave it until Sunday so I could look at it with a fresh mind. The only option was a helicoil which I…

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    Shiny shiny

    Aaaaaand I refitted the newly powder coated clutch casing today as well. In light silver which shows up nice in the sunlight, this service was applied by James at Superfinishingsuk (who will soon be opening a new premises near Dorchester in Dorset, all the best with that my man). I then complimented that by polishing the outer ring… to make it nice and shiny. I do have to redesign the gasket though as it shouldn’t be visible. Still, one step closer to getting it all back together.

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    Help, I’m bleeding…

    After stripping the engine out last August, I later saw the fluid level in the clutch master cylinder had dropped. On inspection, the clutch slave cylinder seal had gone for the second time so decided to replace the whole unit. This Oberon piece landed on my doorstep recently and as the (rebuilt) engine is back in the frame, I was excited to fit it. It took 2 minutes to fit and bleed. The easiest bleeder I’ve ever done. Anyways, it all seems to work and it wasn’t expensive compared to an original Honda unit so here’s hoping it gives a better feel at the lever when it’s time to get…