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    Post-race analysis

    So, after crunching some numbers, the conclusion is, we added 1.48mph to our 1/8th record (now 110.08mph) so a new personal best there and came tantalisingly close to a new PB’s with the 60ft time being just 0.021s shy and the ET being 0.137s over. All in all, these are good results because we managed consistently close times which is something that has been missing in the last couple of seasons. I feel that once the nitrous is dialled in properly, we will beat these times and head into a new level of competition capability.

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    Westonzoyland May 21

    Friday 30th April We made it to Westonzoyland this afternoon. Set up camp, got most of the new track set up done and then this … The rain has passed leaving a dramatic sky in its wake. Saturday 1st May So here we are at WZ, signing on and tech inspection completed with the sun shining and just waiting for the riders meeting to happen so we can start racing and it’s raining…with the sun shining… so now we are going to have to wait an hour for the track to dry out. And so the sun shone and they did battle. Five runs in which were good. Not a…

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    Smeatharpe April 21

    Friday 23rd April We are at Smeatharpe (Dakota Raceway) as the sun sets on a beautiful day. Tomorrow will see us finally testing all the engine work done over the last few weeks. Weather forecast is good and hopefully there will be good times and good times. Saturday 24th April The expression on my face today when I did the first, full throttle timed run. And that’s WITHOUT the nitrous… Today was a good day! It started last night (Friday) when I arrived at Dakota Raceway (Smeatharpe) and set up camp. I was invited to eat with some of the other riders who were indulging in a BBQ and after…