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    Post-race analysis

    So, after crunching some numbers, the conclusion is, we added 1.48mph to our 1/8th record (now 110.08mph) so a new personal best there and came tantalisingly close to a new PB’s with the 60ft time being just 0.021s shy and the ET being 0.137s over. All in all, these are good results because we managed consistently close times which is something that has been missing in the last couple of seasons. I feel that once the nitrous is dialled in properly, we will beat these times and head into a new level of competition capability.

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    Smeatharpe April 21

    Friday 23rd April We are at Smeatharpe (Dakota Raceway) as the sun sets on a beautiful day. Tomorrow will see us finally testing all the engine work done over the last few weeks. Weather forecast is good and hopefully there will be good times and good times. Saturday 24th April The expression on my face today when I did the first, full throttle timed run. And that’s WITHOUT the nitrous… Today was a good day! It started last night (Friday) when I arrived at Dakota Raceway (Smeatharpe) and set up camp. I was invited to eat with some of the other riders who were indulging in a BBQ and after…

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    Clutch slave cylinder

    After 30-ish years, the clutch slave cylinder can get a little ‘loose’ and despite servicing can lose their feel and effectiveness. To this end, after finding the cylinder on the Duck weeping more than Donald Trump after the last election, I decided to upgrade. This tasty bit of kit is fairly priced and came next day delivery. Also being made in England (not too far from Duck Central as it happens) spare seals and pistons are readily available should the need arise … in about 30 years time Anyway, when the newly rebuilt engine goes back in this will be fitted and along with the other clutch mods, should give…

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    Isotropic superfinishing

    Hopefully this should help it breathe a little better. Had the clutch baskets and cams isotropically superfinished by @Superfinishingsuk James also did the head work to my specification. The clutch steels have been semi polished to remove the sharp edge from when they were stamped out. Hopefully this spec will allow the plates to move freely without loss of friction coefficient. This part is an experiment to try to give the clutch a little more feel. If you think you would like some polishing done or heads flowed, James is a racer with on track experience so knows how these changes make a difference for the better. The clutch cover…